"Maria, who runs My Car Seat Install, is an amazing resource. She is a mom of small children herself and has put a great deal of time and effort into understanding the logistics of safe car seat installation and maintenance. I highly recommend her! She comes to your home to help--but she also offers group classes." ​Denaye B.

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With our little one coming, we feel so much more safer with everything you helped us with!! So professional and so informative! Thank you! Patricia R.

"My Car Seat Install was the best investment I could make for my childrens' safety. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and had in the past attempted to install the seats myself. When I discovered this service I quickly called to learn more. Maria (installer/educator) made the process easy. A few of the many reasons I would recommend her include: 1) She came to my home at a time that was convenient for me; a gift to all busy moms, 2) she installed my carseat perfectly ensuring that the seat was secure, 3) she taught me along the way so that I could do so myself and when we travel and 4) she educated me as to why this is important and the impact of not having the seats installed correctly. I HIGHLY recommend My Car Seat Install and would suggest the service to anyone who's about to have a baby or has a young child." Lynne V.

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"If you or anyone you know is in the business of shopping for or looking to properly install a car seat please check out this new company! I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and Maria came to my house and showed me that both of my girls' car seats were installed incorrectly. While I thought I was being safe putting them in a car seat I didn't realize that by not installing them properly, I may as well have not had them in a car seat! Now not only do I understand how to properly install my car seat, but I feel confident doing it time and time again on my own!" ​Nida K.




"Amazing course!! Informative and you leave feeling confident that your child is properly fitted in their car seat. Would recommend it to every parent who has a child that is still in a car seat." Lorenzo G.

Such an informative class! Thanks to Maria, my husband and I feel totally prepared to keep our baby safe while in the car. Would recommend this class to all new parents and parents-to-be! ​Natalie M.

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"Not only was the session super informative, but Maria is so patient at explaining every step. I feel very confident installing the car seat for my nephew. Definitely recommend it to everyone. It is worth the peace of mind!" ​Ilanit M.

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"This is an amazing company and I highly recommend it because it can truly save lives. Many of us, adults, do not really know how to install car seats properly; we think we know how to buckle our little ones in, but we don't always, and having a professional help can be worth a life. As a mother and grandmother I thought I knew how to buckle my little ones in but I truly didn't. This business is a must for all of us who risk carrying our most precious cargoes improperly seated and improperly fastened. I strongly recommend My Car Seat Install. As the holidays approach what a better gift to give parents and provide them with a peace of mind. A little price to pay for an invaluable life." Sue S.